Core Values

We expect all our employees to pursue these core values as passionately as we do.

We act as Christians should:

  • Jesus did not practice discrimination, so we don’t
  • We act with integrity: We never cheat or lie
  • We act with love: We’re helpful and considerate
  • Part of our mission is to provide employment

We live to manufacture:

  • We will strive to be the fastest supplier of commercial quality optics
  • We consult/do design work only if there is an expectation that a product will be manufactured
  • If a customer wants to work with their own manufacturer, we charge a royalty on the design work

We challenge ourselves:

  • We like challenging products
  • We are lifetime learners
  • We prefer manufacturing lens assemblies as opposed to manufacturing lens elements

Current Openings

We currently have no open roles. However, we are future thinking. If you have an exceptional skill set you think would help us, we’d love to have your resume on file. All applicants will be expected to adhere to Topgrading hiring processes; in particular, TORC (Threat of Reference Check). We use this method to encourage honesty in the workplace. Please fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with more information.