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Eckhardt Optics has been a great partner to work with in the design and production of a custom lens required for our drone-based 65MP camera sensor solution. Used for the most demanding agriculture and survey applications, the camera and optics must be of the highest quality and ruggedization. The Eckhardt Optics lens delivers consistent, high resolution across the entire image and does so within a smaller and lighter package than any comparable lens on the market. The lens allows us to generate detailed maps and reliably detect objects in agricultural fields, while maximizing drone flight time and ensuring high reliability. Eckhardt designers worked hand-in-hand with Sentera engineers throughout the process to define specifications, iterate options, and ensure the design achieved optimal performance for the use case. We look forward to working with Eckhardt Optics on more projects in the future.

Ryan Nelson
GM- Remote Sensing

Eckhardt Optics took on a very challenging project for us at Urban Sky . They were asked to develop a lens system to operate in extreme conditions in the stratosphere. Despite major challenges like very cold temperatures and near-space vacuum, Eckhardt [Optics] delivered a working system that has been successfully demonstrated several times in the stratosphere producing critical Earth Observation data. Eckhardt [Optics] communicated well and successfully worked with us through multiple challenges to ultimately deliver a unique working lens system. We plan to continue working with Eckhardt [Optics] as we take on new challenges in the production of stratospheric optical systems.

Jared Leidich
Chief Technical Officer
Urban Sky
Working with Eckhardt Optics, we were able to design a unique low power objective for the firearms comparison microscopes we manufacture here at Leeds. This lens allows us to provide the widest observed field of view image in comparison to any of our competition. The final product from Eckhardt Optics, is a high-quality lens including identifying graphics and technical information. It resembles and integrates well with lenses offered from large microscope manufacturers.
Kevin Boulay
Vice President
Leeds Forensic Systems
I first met Steve in early 2003. I was impressed by his optical system design knowledge and ability. His design approach is elegant and innovative in its simplicity and effectiveness. The designs are robust, buildable, and successfully balance the often conflicting requirements of a state-of-the-art system. Over time, I got to learn more about Steve's experiences and abilities... they are extensive. He can be understated in conveying them to you personally, but the quality of his designs speaks loudly of the strength and diversity of those experiences and skills. He always delivers a practical solution. He always delivers value. He supports his designs with solid analysis. And he showed an uncanny ability to work smoothly with many different types of teams, whether co-located with them or not.
R. Edward English Jr.
Senior Laboratory Manager,
3M Precision Optics
Over the last ten years Steve has either worked with me as a colleague or reported to me. In both situations I have found him to be insightful and productive. He has the valuable ability to perceive challenges and opportunities that others may not have recognized, and to take action to address them. An example of this is the situation we found in 2004. We had developed a projection component that could significantly improve performance of LCOS projection systems, but the system needed to be designed appropriately. Steve proposed preparation of a reference design, but management felt this was out of scope for our team. He convinced me of the value of the effort, completed the design in addition to his other assignments, built prototypes, and showed them at SID. This led directly to volume sales of the component in an award winning projector built on a refinement of Steve's initial design. To avoid misimpressions I should stress that Steve is persistent but neither confrontational nor belligerent. He is a great team member, open to constructive criticism, and more interested in the success of his team than as being seen as the hero. I have greatly enjoyed working with Steve, and would do so again without hesitation.
Chuck Bruzzone
Chief Specialist , 3M