Lens design has fascinated us for nearly five decades. When we started, Conrady’s “Applied Optics and Optical Design” was the only available text, and personal computers had not yet been invented. In graduate school, our founder started using ACCOSV on a CDC 7600 with punched cards and sometimes got to visit Hughes and try out CodeV on their minicomputer. He spent a couple summers at Itek using Berge Tatian’s code. Fast forward past OSLO on an HP 9845 and Sigma on an IBM PC to the present (speaking of reminiscing, you can go here to read more about our history with lens design).

We now design lenses using CodeVZemax and OSLO on the latest Core i7 PC’s. CodeV’s Global Synthesis is an extremely powerful global optimizer while Zemax makes it easy to take control over the fine details of the merit function. OSLO’s forte is its C-like macro language that can do almost anything. Whatever your lens design needs may be, we have the tools to fulfill them.

Fill out our custom lens form or call us and we’ll help you nail down the specifications for a lens to meet your imaging needs.