Optical Design is the core of our business. We are pleased to share some of our expertise with you in the pages below. Informed consumers are our best customers. If you know nothing about optics, you are in good company. There are not many design engineers who have a background in optics, but it’s simple enough that any sharp engineer can pick up the essentials. Our Resources page is designed just for you.

A good place to start is our page of Basic Optics Terms. Once you have the terminology under your belt, you might be curious as to what types of lenses exist. This is covered on our page of Lens Types. More advance optical terms, including MTF, Through Focus MTF, aberrations, and tolerances, are covered on separate pages.

If you have questions about optical design, please check the FAQ in the ODM pages. Questions answered include:

    Illumination is key to applications such as lighting, projection and LED’s, which you can learn more about on the Illumination Design and Measurement page.

    When you have learned enough about optical design, you might want to head over to our pages on Optical Testing. These pages are primarily concerned with optical systems that form images and how to evaluate the quality of the images. Part of optical testing is testing for optical scattering. Optical Scattering is concerned with the interaction between light and rough surfaces that causes the light to end up all over the place. Let us know if you have any questions through our contact form.