Custom Lenses, Optical Instruments, and Accessories

Remote Sensing Lens

Drone lens designed for Sentera's agriculture and survey applications.
Photo courtesy of Sentera

60° Conoscopic Lens

Our stock 60° conoscope with extended wavelength range.

Leeds Low Power Objective

Ultra-Widefield Objective

Custom low power objective designed for Leeds Forensic Systems Inc.

Custom Spectrometer

Spectrometer Lens

Custom lens designed for high-resolution spectral-domain optical coherence tomography.

70mm f/4 DSLR

70mm f/4 DSLR lens

Custom EF mount lens at a rare focal length.

Dallmeyer Reproduction

Dallmeyer Reproduction Lens

Replication of a wet collodion photography lens originally manufactured in the 19th century.

Miniature Scatterometer

Miniature Scatterometer

A small prototype version of a Scatterometer for a customer. Built with integrated push button controlled LED for mobile BRDF measurements.

Zoom microscope

Wi-Fi Microscope

The first prototype of a Wi-Fi enabled microscope created for Zoon. We engineered the optics and electrical system, and designed the mounting and housing.


Inspection Lens

An example of a custom, f/2, C-mount projection lens.


Laser Scan Lens

One customer needed a custom laser scan lens for an existing system with a Nd:YAG laser. The picture shows the lens with a one foot ruler for scale.

45° Conoscopic Lens

If you need to measure BSDF (click on this image for more information) quickly, you need a conoscope. It can also enable measurement of the angular distribution of light that is produced by a means other than scattering.

Optical Test Instrument

This instrument was designed for production testing of an optical component. It includes everything from the light source to the detector.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Design and Manufacturing page to read about our custom lens design process. Or, if you’d like to read about other applications for our technology, visit this page