Eckhardt Optics LLC uses TracePro for illumination analysis and design. We have extensive experience with illumination for projection and have designed light guides, stage lighting, collection systems for spectroscopic analysis, LED lenses and many other devices. If we haven’t done it already, we almost certainly have related experience that will enable us to assist you effectively. Contact us to find out how our expertise can drive your project forward.

If you are looking for technical information on illumination, try the following pages:

  • Etendue
  • Pupils and Stops
  • Critical and Kohler Illumination
  • Radiometric and Photometric Terms

For measuring illumination, we have several instruments. We use integrating spheres from 3″ to 18″ for measuring total flux, or a Minolta T-1 for measuring illuminance. If you need spectral measurements, we have a couple Ocean Optics USB 2000+spectrometers that can be hooked up to a sphere or just used with a fiber.

When a calibrated CCD is the appropriate tool, we have board-level and C-mount cameras that can handle a wide variety of applications. We can drive the cameras with custom, open source or commercial software.

If you are interest in the angular distribution of light from a source, or light that is reflected, transmitted, or scattered by a material, we have a conoscope that we use to measure this. Conoscopes are also useful for measuring BSDF to analyze scattered light. See our Conoscopes or Scatterometers page for more information. Or, contact us to get your samples measured.